OpenVoiceOS - A bare minimal (production type of) OS based on Buildroot

Yeah, I really need to have a look at that. Saw the other day that you can upooad the images as well.

Am a bit lazy on that repo if it comes down to utilizing PR’s and be more descriptive within commits as I am still kind of the only one commiting.

Anyhow, at some point when more people will work on it and / or amount of PR’s increase, i need to do better.

Really not that experienced with git / github.

Feel free to ping me, I can share some knowledge.

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Showcase of OAuth & Home Assistant;

You scan the QR-Code with your mobile that prompts you for your HASS credentials after which automagically your OpenVoiceOS device gets authorised.

The OAuth PHAL plugin is developed also for future skills such as Spotify and similar.

Please bare in mind that the voice control is not yet implemented but currently being worked by and under control of NeonGecko.

A big shout out of gratitude to our Friends over at @NeonClary


Having trouble with this image on my Mark 2 … on booting up it goes into a screen insisting I set up a raspberry pi account but doesn’t bring up an on screen keyboard, can’t get past this step

I tried a 2nd time - re-wrote the image and restarted my Mark 2 and the issue didn’t appear this time. Happy days.

[update] it is responding to ‘Hey Mycroft’ but it’s not obvious from the screen that it has woken up and is listening. Hitting the button on top makes the screen have a highlighted border.

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The hey mycroft should do the same?!?

We will investigate it.:+1:t2:

Thank tou very much for keep poking at it and reporting back.:muscle:t2:

It’s the least I can do … you’ve made my Mark 2 very useful.

A video presentation @AIIX gave a few months back at the KDE academy explaining OpenVoiceOS.

Having a fully local on embedded device STT utilizing the OpenAI Whisper model inferenced using the Tensorflow Lite Runtime, just as the Precise Lite Wake word.


We took the time to blog about OpenVoiceOS - Buildroot edition. So for the people that would like to have a short introduction of what it is all about;