3rd party skill development

Hey @KathyReid, Do you think we could set up a 3rd party skill testing area on the forum where we can post our 3rd party skills for testing by the community? We have an area for skill suggestions, but I don’t see a formal area where we can have skills presented to the community for testing, prior to submission for integration as core skills. I ask this as I am sure other community members have written their own skills but are reluctant to submit them to the community as they are only tested by the developer and/or may interface to technologies that the developer is unsure if they will bring value to the community. This area would be a location were skill testers and developers can collaborate on presenting, testing, and providing constructive feedback as well as recommendations on improving the skills prior to submission. Thoughts?


Great idea @pcwii - I’ve gone ahead and created an area here;

Again, great suggestion, thank you!