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AIY Voice v2 bonnet with a Pi 3


I have v2 of an AIY Voice Kit and a couple of Pi 3’s sitting around. I know the Zero won’t work with Picroft but will it work with the v2 bonnet paired with a Pi 3?

Thanks in advance!

I dont have a v2, but I think that the hat can go on a Pi 3 or 4 as I think the pins are the same as on the Zero. And if so - I am sure you can get it to work on Raspbian, and if so you can get it to work on Picroft or on Raspbian with a git install of Mycroft.
But it is work you have to do, as Picroft dosnt support the v2 AIY kit.

If you get something to work - then please share your experiance, so it can get included in the Picroft as an option.

I’ll give that a try. I did try to plug the bonnet into a Pi 3 using the PiCroft image but then it wouldn’t even give me an ethernet connection. Should I start without plugging the bonnet in, boot up Raspbian, install Mycroft and then plug in the bonnet?

I would love to hear your progress on this!

I also ordered the V2 AIY Kit because I wanted to build a mycroft myself but i didnt’t knew the v2 won’t work…

I dont know - but I would try gogling around as someone else must have sme question “RaspberryPi3 and Google AIY voicekit v2” or try in the Google AIY forums.

When it works in standard raspbian - then next step is to get Mycroft to use it (and that part will be much easier)

All right guys, I have tested this several times from scratch and I think that I have everything worked out now. If you have a AIYv2, please check it out and see if it works for you.

Thanks Andreas, I copied most of your code, with slight changes, credit given!

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