Being clear - where are the other wake words that used to be available in the dashboard? (was Where is Ezra?)

So - maybe the topic is clearer now.

When I first installed Picroft, some time ago, there were options in the MyMycroft dashboard to change the wake word, per this post:

I was able to find a place where I could change it, and selected ‘Ezra’, which worked just fine. I don’t currently have that PiCroft instance available, so I don’t know if it still responds to Ezra or not, but I do see that it is still noted as the wake word on my Dashboard. In fact, ALL of my devices show this.

But, as far as I can see, there no longer is a way to change the wake word from the dashboard. Is this capability really no longer available?

Failing having these wake words available in the Dashboard, can someone point me to the model data (if it exists) in the MycroftAI repo?

I am also having this problem. There is no way to select a wake word using the dashboard. Is there any workaround to this issue? I would like to use “christopher” for my project.

Cheers guys,

I had the same question and looked into it. Ask Mycroft which listener is configured:

was ist der zuhörer
 >> Der Zuhörer ist auf precise eingestellt.

or, in English:

what is the listener

It will most likely report that the listener is precise. Without actual proof for it, I have come to the assumption that with precise you can’t change the wake word as easily as with pocketsphinx. This is due to precise needing training models, due to being a neural network, vs. sphinx analyzing vocal sounds, but with a much higher rate of failure.

I will continue further into checking how to use a custom wake word, as described here:

I will not look deeper into how to get the web-dashbord configure options back, but I reckon that, if you want the old functionality back, you need to switch to pocketsphinx again. Documentation on how to switch is easy to find.

Maybe that helps :slight_smile: