Best Online Mycroft Community?

Given the present state of Mycroft, is this the best place to regularly check for updates and discussion about development? Has something else that’s more active sprung up?

Life has gotten in the way of tinkering with my Mycroft II for a little bit, but I’ve been checking back here frequently to follow along. I want to make sure there’s not somewhere more active I should be.

everyone seems to check up on here once in a while, but the most active places right now appear to be the matrix OVOS and Neon chats


For at least the foreseeable future, this is where both Mark II owners and the open source diaspora are likeliest to be found.

The forums have been formally handed over to NeonAI, so, although it has the old logo on it, we’re hanging out. There was briefly talk of an OVOS forum, but there doesn’t seem to be much need for one.

Jarbas is right that Matrix seems to be the most active place.

I might need to go get involved with those chats. I will admit that I like forums more than most other communities, I find them easiest to check in on.

They each have their upsides. On a forum, things only get buried in very long threads, but the “live” element makes the whole interaction half the time.

FWIW, Matrix now has a “threads” feature built in. At least, the reference client supports it. That gives us

which is absolutely as cluttered as the screen can get, but it’s illustrative.

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