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Can I use Mycroft offline?


my question is: Can I use Mycroft offline? That means Mycroft isn’t connected to the Mycroft Website.

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Short answer is no. Long answer is search and read the forum, as there is a lot going on for making a private hosted alternative to


This topic is interesting regarding running own server.


What @andlo said. At the moment, Mycroft is dependent on some cloud services.

Our existing platform is scaled to support tens of thousands of users, and runs across several virtual hosts - probably not all that usable as a local / personal backend. So we need to work on scaling that down - the link that @andlo posted goes more into that.

The other layers to this problem are;

  • Speech to text - really this is the biggest blocker at the moment. Until we can get DeepSpeech to a point where it can run (or at least a vocabulary subset can run) on an embedded device, then we’re going to be stuck with cloud-based STT, irrespective of which cloud that runs on. There have been some substantive efforts by the DeepSpeech community toward this objective.
  • Skill support - most Skills need some form of internet connectivity as they’re connecting to third party APIs.
  • Configuration settings - at the moment, configuration of Devices is done via Skill Settings at so we would need to find a way to do configuration locally.


Thanks for the fast replies. I mean that I can cancel the connection to the mycroft website. I would use then the api keys for example at the weather page.


@JarbasAl has done some work on that. I dont know how far he got. It ads up in this steps:

  • remove all metrics
  • disable pairing
  • disable remote config
  • find an offline STT (pocketsphinx is not good…)


here you go, but please do not ask for support

its old, unmaintained, and way behind current release

if you arent afraid of source code you can compare my changes

I have a half written blog post for this, but no time to finish it :stuck_out_tongue:


if you want to mock the home backend

also unfinished, but it will perform pairing and give you google stt, so you can trick your device

you can edit the config file to add api keys for skills

this should allow you to make more or less any device functional without mycroft home

please do not ask for support since its not finished… feel free to throw issues and PRs at it however

edit: this is more or less meant to run on the device not on production, everyone asks how to run mycroft offline, it would be lovely if someone from the community took over this one to make it available for every user instead of being a reference for developers :wink:


Hi There,
I’m new at this form and I own a self-made smart-home (based upon KNX with gira homeserver and lots of esp8266 bugs and respberrys I programmed to communicate with all things wich dont have a network interface).
I’m really looking forward to use mycroft complete offline with a local STT server.
I’m also a software developer and linux expert and maybe I can help?
Is there any wiki, forum, git, … where I can get the current status of the project?
What are the biggest problems, right now?