Can Mycroft do this for me?

Hello everyone,
i’m getting out all Google services but I am stuck to Google Home, until i read about Mycroft.

I do not really want to configure a Raspberry Pi, but I read that Mycroft can be buyed with a Plug in player, Mark, that’s really good!

My use of Google Home is really, really simply. I am here to ask if ‘Mark II’ will do this things for me (in a ‘plug in’ mdoe) before buy it (when come back online):

This is what I am looking for:

  • Free listen to a radio from TuneIn (i use Google Home for the 70% of the time for this)
  • Listen to Spotify or similar
  • Can add something to a list. I use Google Home also for its shopping list. I love to say ‘add something to my list’ when i am cooking :slight_smile:
  • Turn on/off some smart home device (actually I have just one Meross light and a Meross Smart Plug).
    In this months I use the device only for this things.

Will be nice if he spoke and understand italian but it is not essential.

Thanks to anyone who would help me on this and sorry for my bad english!

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Spotify, the lists, and lights (most of them, not sure about yours specifically) have skills available.

eta, Meross plugs are compatible with Home Assistant, which has a skill, but that would require you to set it up separately. There’s not a direct connection available for those yet, but there does appear to be an api: which could be used to build such a skill.

No TuneIn that I’ve seen but I have been loving the iHeartRadio Skill. It’s not in the Marketplace yet but shouldn’t be far off and can be installed manually.

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There is also a TuneIn Skill in developement…


Oh silly me, thanks Dom!

Thanks to all,
hope TuneIn Skill will be ready! :slight_smile:
I am not really sure that the radio i want to listen is on ‘iHeartRadio’.

I will follow the project, thanks!

I second the question regarding the smart plugs. are the Meross ones the only possible option at the moment? What I dont understand is, if they are compatible with the Home Assitant, which is on the marketplace, why is it needed to “set it ip separately”? what does that mean?
I am really new, I hope I am not asking redunant questions here. sorry.
and while I am on it, is there another way to find skills except the marketplace or the forum und “skill feedback”? just want to be sure that I am not missing anything :slight_smile:
thanks a lot!

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Home assistant is a separate tool you have to set up independently and connect to mycroft using the HA skill.

ahh ok thank you! is that “on purpose”? are there plans to have an own “home controller” at some point?
so I figuere that my question regarding the compatibility is also best answered if I check out home assistant.

Definitely on purpose. Mycroft is a voice tool, home assistant an iot one. They both have small amounts of cross functionality, but for now, mycroft isn’t adopting the HA functionality.

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There are essentially two types of IoT Skills:

  1. Those that connect to a hub or server
  2. Those that connect directly to devices

So Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Domiticz, and FHEM are examples of the first variety. For these you have to setup a dedicated server/hub, but that server then handles a whole range of home automation tasks and support a large range of devices and brands.

LIFX on the other hand are just bulbs, and that Skill talks directly to them so you don’t need to set anything else up, but it can only ever talk to LIFX bulbs.

We’re implementing a Common IoT Framework, particularly for Skills in the second category to help them work better together, but it’s a very big undertaking so will take time to evolve.

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Thanks for clarification. So if I see the marketplace skills correctly, until now there is only LIFX available, while the others all need a second device of on or the other kind, either another raspberry (openhab&home ass) or a plug&play system (wink).
are there any skills in development -on which I could have an eye on- which are going anywhere in the “direct connecting” direction? as I mentioned in other threads, I am really new to all this, but my spare time might be increasing, and maybe I can help a little bit more in the future, even if might just be testing. but lets see how my python will develop :smiley:

If you’re not running on a raspberry pi (3 at any rate), many of these are viable as single-host solutions.

that is a very good point, I was too deep into my raspberry/mark II ideas that I didnt even considered that one could run it on a normal machine.
maybe the rp4 4gb can also do both?

Potentially, just know that the Picroft image doesn’t yet support Pi4 as it’s using Debian Stretch not Buster, but you can manually install Mycroft

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