Cannot register device

Using picroft, version 2018-9-12. Everythings seems ok, get mic, speaker working. Can hear register code from speaker. However, visit and do registration for device
finished all info input and just get finished result and did not get back registered device in the device list

Hi Alex,

Am I understanding correctly that after entering the registration code in your browser, you get the success screen with example phrases to try, but then heading to doesn’t show anything?

After you have entered the code, does your Picroft stop reading the code and instead deliver the welcome message?

Are you looking at the CLI screen, the visual output for Picroft? Just want to make sure the code is accurate too. It’s easy to mis-hear one, or enter them in the wrong order though this shouldn’t then succeed.

If you’re still having the problem, can I check if you’re using the same email address for as here on the forums? I’ll get someone to check on the backend to make sure there’s nothing going wrong at the account level.

Thank you for your reply. I can access to and login successfully. Select Device and input the pairing code which display from picroft , it will show a page with finished Key, press the finished key will show back the device + page. No welcome message comes out. my account is I am a member
The picroft continue to show and speak the pairing code. Web browser are also running at the same picroft machine using chromium.
There is response when I speak Hey Mycroft.
CLI screen can show out the pairing code.

Try with several accounts and the problem is the same


On your Picroft is there a file at:

If so try removing that file, and remove the device from your account at, then tell mycroft to “pair my device” and it should restart the pairing process.

There is no identity2.json files in /home/pi/.mycroft/identity
and in /root the directory , .mycroft did not exist. I have installed the package twice and also have this problem. I am using raspberry pi 3B+. Thanks


I have come across exactly the same issue. Mycroft is asking me to register the device but despite getting success page, nothing is changing.

I also don’t have the identity file.

I verified that I can ping webpage.

I believe I accepted all relevant data agreements.

I am going to bump this thread again, by saying that for me the problem was duplicate entries in locations lists. This has been described here for another town. I raised a new issue for my own town.