Chat GPT API mycroft skill

Is anyone working on a ChatGPT mycroft skill using their API? I’m asking so I might follow such a project

id love that to happen too, that would give so much more life to my ai

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I’m working on one. Just trying to figure out how I can capture my speech to text as a variable with mycroft and some words and workflows to ensure that it is communicating with ChatGPT.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I said that this was the beginnings of Skynet at a recent security meeting I was in with my team lmao

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you need to implement def CPS_match_query_phrase(self, phrase) in your skill as per Common Play Framework - Mycroft AI

Then phrase will contain your speech transcribed to text.
Do you intend to make your skill public?

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This repo is trying to port it currently to open source