Custom wake word for noobs


I want to add a custom wake word for my picroft. I have no experience whatsoever in programming. I don’t want to do it the training method and want to do it with pocketsphinx. Can I receive step by step instructions on how to do so for a custom wake word for eg- say… hey Nora or something


Easy way. look at this Not perfect but work now Wake Word Skill Trainer if you have problems please post it. You can also use precise community data Unzip in .mycroft/precise.


Hi Incendio,

If you want to add a custom wake word with PocketSphinx there are instructions here:


  1. Pick your word and translate it using the CMU dictionary
  2. Paste the phoneme string into the mycroft.conf example and move it to the correct location on your computer.
    If things stop working it’s almost guaranteed that there’s a typo in your JSON. So use a validator to make sure it’s correct.

It’s worth noting however that PocketSphinx will not perform anywhere near as well as a trained wake word model using Precise. So they’re good for personal use and playing around but if it’s for a business purpose or you want other people to use it then it’s worth investing the time.


I have already gone through the following link suggested to me by many. But I have this weird issue where i am not able to edit the mycroft.conf file. Whenever I try to access the file it says access denied. Thank you both for taking your time to reply though.


Are you using sudo before you try and edit the file?


Well um no because I don’t exactly know how to use it. :sweat_smile:
As I mentioned above I have little to no experience in programming


Hey, we also have this brand new configuration manager utility that now helps you edit configuration values. Try running the following command:
mycroft-config edit user