Data corruption on instant power loss

Hello everyone. It’s been a little while since I’ve been on the forum. Mycroft runs great so there’s not much to worry about. Yesterday some idiot knocked down a power light pole, so the power was out for many hours. Mycroft sits in the living room and I’m not going to put him on a UPS just for one little device. I got home and found that he got corrupted and doesn’t work anymore. I keep a clone of the SD card so I’m not worried. The way I installed Mycroft was using the recipe method. A base raspbian headless install with the procedures to get mycroft on it. Essentially, I didn’t use a preformatted disc image. I assume that the install was the default ext4 file format. I’m trying to figure out how I can keep this from happening in the future. Does anybody have any tricks on keeping the file system integrity on severe power loss?

A FS/LVM easily capable of automated snapshotting (like here) to a different partition, then mounting :ro

essentially like making SD clones but way more time efficient and flexible.

I appreciate the response. That really isn’t what I was looking for, as I have a simple and consistent way of cloning. I did get told by a friend to look into the little Pi UPS’ sold online. $20-$30, and with a safe shutdown script on power loss. I will probably go that route, and possibly boot from a USB 3.0 stick. I will have to redesign and re-print a new case. Most likely that will be my Super Mycroft project, where I also add another amp breakout/ speaker for stereo on the Google AIY HAT, and a power-off pushbutton with safe shutdown.