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Delivery update?


Hello folks,

As I’ve said in my last few updates, we are attempting to provide you as much accurate info as we can as soon as we can. Obviously some of the dates that were originally predicted were incorrect, and when I got involved at first I was reluctant to provide more specific dates for fear of once again being wrong. I was almost certain that we were going to be able to hit a December ship date based on the information I had several months ago. But I knew things can go wrong still and instead of a hard date I provided a sequence of events that would lead to shipping. Now we have gotten mired in a series of production issues, each of which has created delays that are being exacerbated by holidays. So I fear had I stated specific dates then it would have been a bigger disappointment, but at least the sequence of events has not changed and remains true.

I’m not sure how to solve this to the satisfaction of all. We also don’t want anyone to feel cheated and trapped in a project they resent. So we have created the policy I posted this weekend at I think this is an ethical approach, and I hope you agree.

I truly mean it when I say there is nobody who wishes we could be shipping devices more than us. We benefit in no way from delays – in fact the opposite is true. We do hope most of you chose to stay with us so you can see the fruits of your backing. But we do want you to be able to chose.

I believe when you chose to back Mycroft you picked one of the most important technologies of our generation to support. We’ve all realized that whoever “wins” in the next few years will shape the future for better or worse. Whichever option you ultimate decide on, we do thank you for the support you have offered us.


Hi Mycroft team, any news about the day for delivering the Mycroft units, Feb 2017 is almost gone, please let us know when are you going to deliver our units.

Thanks in advance!


At last update they should start shipping April 15th:


Is April 15 still the anticipated ship date? How many units have been ordered already? If I order now, will I receive it in April?


@steve.penrod is better to answer this, but we’ll probably push out an update and blog post on that info soon, but as of the last blog post there may be a slight delay due to shipping issues from China:

If you order now, I probably wouldn’t expect it by end of April as first we need to fulfill the kickstarters. It will also not be an all at once thing, but more a roll-out to backers.

We should have an update soon. Once we have all the pieces, we’ll know more.


@Karl , @cfernandez , @pauldsmyth
Hi Mycroft team, as you mention in the post on Feb 24th, that the shipping would start on April 15th. Any news about it?


Good question… since is like… April 21!!! Thanks Ernesto.


It still is a few weeks away. We’ll make an announcement on our blog, I’m sure, once we know more.

In the meantime, we’re still updating it as we get components, so that’s your best bet:


Quick question: if I buy/pre-order Mark 1 on backerkit now, will I receive it in the next 6-8 week (citing May 22nd update)?.

In the update from May 15th you wrote: With 1,250 backers receiving units

Does that mean, according to backerkit counters, that (for the moment of writing it) along with 607 others who pre-order via backerkit and are not backers then (assuming backers mean Kickstarter ones) I’ll need to wait for receiving the Mark 1 until next ASAP?

My question comes from the Estimated Shipping Date: May 2017 put on backerkit page.


Yes, that should be correct as of now. We’ll of course update if that changes, but if you pre-order now it should ship sometime in July.



hello @Karl left a msg 2-3 weeks a go on Indigogo, I been getting blog updates and emails that finally mycroft was shipping… but I never until today Tuesday been contacted by anyone for shipping etc…
thats my contribution, please can you look into this?


So, just to verify, you did get contacted for shipping information? We’re not shipping them all out at once, but a few at time.


@Karl hello, no I did not… never got a single email or anything… this is why I am worry.


Hey @cfernandez,

It looks like you’re an indigogo backer, so those surveys haven’t been sent out yet. They should go out today or tomorrow, but if you don’t hear anything by the end of the week, let us know.


hello @karl is been a bit more than a week… and still nothing on my mailbox… :frowning:


So there was a delay, but the Indigogo surveys started to go out last night.


@Karl Thanks, I just got an email about the shipping info. Thanks guys for all the support :grinning:


Awesome, thanks for confirming.


@karl got mine in the mail!!! can’t wait to write some skills I do infosec for a living and want to test some tools I use all the time.


WOOO! Glad to hear it! And yeah, start building!