Entirely Self Hosted Mycroft

Apologies if this has been answered before, I looked around and couldn’t find any answers specifically, or I just didn’t understand entirely.

I’m looking to 100% self host Mycroft and all associated services.
I’ve got multiple Google Mini’s scattered around the house that I shout incessantly to control things, search, or play music.
I’d like to replace them with picroft builds (Enclosure, pi, microphone, speaker)
I’d also like to have Mycroft on my phone to replace the Google Assistant.

With my goal of being entirely self hosted with no reliance on outside servers, what other systems do I need to host to achieve this?
Is there a backend to Mycroft that needs hosting to process commands? Selene?
Can I point the Android mycroft at my self hosted backend?

Take a look at OpenVoiceOS (github.com)
There you can find some info and a personal backend. Hasn’t tryed it my self yet.

Regarding the Android as far as I understand it you can point it to a mycroft installation but hassnt tryed it my self.

Thx @andlo for the heads up.

@ThrowawayGuy more info here;

Visuals of the setup procedure

However please be aware we are still in early development stage so expect quircks here and there. Would love to hear the feedback of them though.


Been watching and follow the progress in anticipation as development is progressing. I remember testing one of the early build root versions likely 3 years ago now. I have an rpi4 waiting anxiously for my free time to give the latest build a spin.

The RPi4 image, including Mark2 support of the same code base will most likely ready for upload somewhere tomorrow so keep an eye out.

Thanks for the info, super interested in reading up when I’ve got some free time!
Quick question, does the back end live on one Pi, and the client live on another Pi? Or is it all on a single Pi?

I’m hitting the pi shop tomorrow (only place to actually find them in stock!!) and wanna make sure I grab enough pi’s for my projects and also a mycroft setup for testing

If you choose the fully local options during setup at first boot, it is all fully local on the device it runs.

However everything can be changed one way or the other later on in time as well.

For running offline the solution since 2018 has been to use the personal backend, this can run on device or be self hosted and only requires a mycroft.conf change

this is the same in videos above, but works in any vanilla mycroft-core