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First part of audio response not heard through bluetooth speaker


I have a problem with picroft using bluetooth audio responses are played however the start of the response is missing. For example, if you ask mycroft the time, it will respond by saying five twenty five (that is, five twenty five is what is heard through the speaker I’m using) however the actual response according to the cli interface should be “it is five twenty five”. This only happens after the first audio response is made following a reboot. Furthermore, I also no longer hear the “listening wav” following the first response. This problem persists even if I don’t say the wake word after a number of minutes.

At first I thought it might be the result of not using a sufficiently powerful power supply, however, I still get the same issue with an official 2.5 A raspberry pi power supply. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what might be causing this issue?




Hi Tony, thanks for reporting this.

My gut feel on the Bluetooth issue is that it’s taking a couple of seconds to establish the connection to the output device after a reboot, which is why you only hear the delay on the first time it speaks after a reboot.

To debug the “ding” for the Wake Word being activated, can you provide your audio.log? We have information available here on the Mycroft logs.


hi Kathy, thanks for your reply.

I’ve had a bit more time to investigate this issue an in fact it appears that all of the responses are being played through my speaker along with the listening ding, however these are just being played at a very low volume. with my setup it seems that it takes a small time to set the correct volume of a response. Anymore thoughts on this?