Forum undergoing maintenance over next hour

Please forgive any interruptions.

So, Discourse has been upgraded to 2.0.0 rel7 , however there are still some glitches with links and routes in the application. This is because we need to rebuild the app Docker container, but there is a Postgresql dependency we need to iron out first. Apologies for the glitches.

I guessing you are working on the forum still as I miss some parts:

  • personal page
  • pictures of persons
  • icon for liking
  • badges
  • forum looks really bad on mobile

Any news about the missing parts?

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Hi @andlo

As you can tell, the upgrade didn’t go quite to plan. I’ll be looking into exactly what went wrong this week and will post an update as soon as we have an estimated timeframe.

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Then I will make a skill “Hey Mycroft - fix everything”. :slight_smile: