Generic calendar skill

I couldn’t find a skill which interacts with a caldav server.
I’m wondering that only a Google Calendar is available, as I thought that this device is of major interest for privacy concerned people.

So maybe I missed such skill and you can point me to it. My setup will be Nextcloud as Caldav server and I want to use Mycroft to add tasks to the calendar.

Hi there! We don’t currently have a Skill which interacts with generic CalDav or WebDav, but we’re working on an OAuth authentication mechnism for Skills to allow Skill Developers to use OAuth with Skill Settings:

I see this is a VERY old conversation – but I can’t seem to find any new info. I am also looking for a way to access caldav (nextcloud in my case). I don’t need Mycroft (picroft) to create, edit, or delete items, just tell me my schedule when I ask. I do NOT want to provide my nextcloud credentials via the skills configuration dashboard. Nextcloud allows me to share a read-only link - which would be sufficient for my needs.

I’ve been looking for a few days, and have tried a few old plugins, nothing that seems to work, though.

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Yeah, not sure that something like that exists yet unfortunately.

I like the suggestion of using the read-only link to provide a simple schedule rather than trying to create a completely interactive calendar interface.

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Is there something I can do to help get such a project started? I’m not a qualified programmer/developer…

Yeah you can definitely help a lot without writing any code. A really useful thing to do is to map out what some standard conversations with the Skill would look like. We go into a lot of detail in our Voice User Interface Design Guidelines:

But more specifically this page on interaction scripts:

This helps to map out what the Skill will look like, what functionality is required, and helps to generate the example utterances or keywords that the Skill will be registered against. From there we can turn them into integration tests which can be used to determine if a Skill does what it is meant to.

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I’ll start reading through the pages you linked, and will see what I can do!