GPT3 fallback skill?

I was thinking that a fallback skill using OpenAI’s GPT3 would be ideal for edge cases when Mycroft doesn’t have a response. The AIML chatbot is great, but GPT3 blows it out of the water with open-ended questions like “What things should I consider when buying a house?”

Is anyone working on a project like this?

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+1 Not working on that, but interested.

Does that not go against the idea of an offline voice assistant?

I guess you could as other will likely use websearch and things like spotify so the idea of offline for many is a hindrance but gpt-3 is an online api…

GitHub - EleutherAI/gpt-neox: An implementation of model parallel autoregressive transformers on GPUs, based on the DeepSpeed library. greatly reduces the original jaw dropping requirements to run gpt-3 but its still fairly hefty.

Yes, you are correct in that it would not be useful for offline use, since it’s just an online api. GPT-J or GPT-NeoX are potential offline alternatives if you have the hardware.

YouTuber Zach Freedman has done something like this with GPT-NeoX, but he didn’t post any code. Meet Christopher, the EIGHT-GPU Robot Quagsire - YouTube

Software used:

Maybe something like

Is a better option for resource constrained devices offline