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How do you manually update skill settings?

How long does it take device or skill settings to update after web changes? I updated the wake word, voice, and custom skill settings several minutes ago and they have not taken effect. Is there a way to manually update settings for a skill so the user doesn’t have to wait x min for it to work?

Apparently changing the settings in doesn’t change anything. I had to click “edit” under the device.

I’m using the Mark II dev kit and this hasn’t worked for me. I’ve also tried going into the /opt/mycroft/skills/{skill}/settingsmeta.json for associated skills and edit manually there, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. Is there some kind of script that needs launched so it’ll update from the local settingsmeta.json?

A matter of seconds. (As long as you hit the save button :wink: )
Settingsmeta isn’t supposed to be edited like this (revert the changes), neither is the config stored in settingsmeta. It’s normally found in ~/.config/mycroft/skills/ (settings.json)

Which skill are you trying to config? Is this skill a custom skill (/non marketplace)?
Check the logs (skill.log) to get further hints why this might happen.

I’m trying to get the pandora skill to work. Every time I use Pandora, it loses my settings after one use.

Also… where’s the skill log?


The skills log is in /var/log/mycroft/skills.log

-Mike M