How to change Mycroft-Language to german?


Hey together,

I’m currently using Mycroft on a Debian VM for trial purposes. I am interested in changing mycrofts language to german. Unfortunately, I do not understand the existing documentation correctly. Also some links to URLs is how to’s seems to be outdated or currently not working because of some bugs. I have basic administration skills in Linux, but nothing related to TTS, STT, Mycroft skills, Google-Projects, etc.

Maybe there is someone who is already using Mycroft in German and wants to share a working config file.

Many Thanks.


In your Mycroft configuration (either /etc/mycroft/mycroft.conf or ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf
insert at the beginning right after the opening curly brace like following:

"lang": "de-de",
  "tts": {
    "module": "google",
    "google" : {
      "lang": "de"
... more configuration ...

feel free to join mycroft-chat channel ~language-de


Thanks Dominik for your help. Yes, it seems to work without bigger issues. :+1:

What interests me now is how the language is related to the available skills. After the config customization you suggested, Mycroft successful translated my spoken german into text and also wrote/spoke a german answer. However, it seemed like there were no skills anymore. Neither the question “What is your name”, nor “How is the weather in Berlin” could answered by Mycroft.

Also, the sound of the voice seems to be different than previously set-up on Is the voice-sound independently changeable?


A lot - but not all - skills are already translated to german. Try "wie ist das wetter"or “wikipedia angela merkel”. Unfortunately Mycroft does not load a skill when on of the referenced vocab/intent files is not availlable. This happens from time to time when some new functionality is added to a skill and the translated vocab/intent file is not available (yet). But you can contribute missing translation at

The configuration changes the text-to-speech engine to Google-TTS as this is the only (“free”) TTS-service that has a german voice.