Is it possible to use MyCroft AI with "satellite" speakers/microphones?

I’m sure this has been asked before but my google-fu is failing me and I’m fairly new to Mycroft. I’m setting up a fairly powerful home server and would like to use Mycroft to power a house-wide home assistant. But what would be much, much easier for me would be to have several Raspberry Pi Zeros set up with a speaker/mic set up around my house whose only job was to listen for the wake word and play the response but use my server for everything else. Is that possible?

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I’m trying to make a similar setup and also was not able to get a good answer on this question.
The only project i have found, that could do that is this one

I will try it in a env with a few virtual machines, as the satellites, before I’m actually buying pi zeros or anything. Especially because they are expensive right now.

If you already have the Hardware, you could try it out.

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