Is using Picroft still safe despite Raspbian Buster?

Hi there,

I want to install Picroft and Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 4B using the Picroft image and a Home Assistant docker installation. But I wonder whether installing Picroft this way is safe, since Raspbian/Debian Buster has already reached its End Of Life. Btw, when will a Bullseye-Picroft image be released?

The other possibility I thought of is using Raspbian Bullseye Lite and install both Picroft and Home Assistant using Docker.

What would you recommend?

The picroft image is also a 32-bit OS which doesn’t allow you to run mimic3 on it afaik. I installed the latest Raspberry Pi 64-bit OS Lite from here and then setup docker to run the images from this repo which includes precise-lite and mimic3 support.