Linking Mycroft with OpenBot

Hello, I am Michael and at first I congratulate you all to the Mycroft development.
With the latest picroft image, I did a low cost robot with mecum wheels, using a Pi3B+, using Mycroft to move the robot by “run script xxx” voice commands. Not fast, but ok so far for moving a bit (or let him dance ;-).
My idea is to ad this setup to another robot, already using the OpenBot project (Smartphone-App over serial to Arduino+Firmware). Finally all I would need is to tell the Arduino in the OpenBot firmware to pass through the Motor commands from the pi (in case of run script xxx). The OpenBot App can be opened by voice commands to Google Assistant. The would enable 3 control-modes of the robot: Speech-input, Follow-me, and Autonomy.
I am not a coder, just putting things together, but for AI-Robotics learning, this would be very cool in my eyes.
Anybody interested in this?
Kind regards, Michael