Location errors on a fresh installation (4 days old)

Running into a small glitch that I cannot figure out how to fix on Mycroft. It is a little confused as to its location. This also affects the time as mycroft insists that I am in Kansas. Any suggestions on what I can update to fix this, or force it to use what is in the cache? I have restarted several times, and tried the update config, with no luck. At one point it DID know what time it is, only just today it went a little crazy.

From the log:
2019-11-08 11:58:32.482 | INFO | 30653 | mycroft.audio.speech:mute_and_speak:120 | Speak: I’m in Lawrence Kansas United States

From the mycroft_web_cache.json:
“location”: {
“city”: {
“name”: “Lake Stevens”,
“state”: {
“code”: “US.WA”,
“country”: {
“code”: “US”,
“name”: “United States”
“name”: “Washington”
“coordinate”: {
“latitude”: 48.0151,
“longitude”: -122.06374
“timezone”: {
“code”: “America/Los_Angeles”,
“dst_offset”: -25200000,
“name”: “America/Los_Angeles”,
“offset”: -28800000
The website is also set for the correct location.