Mark II questions

The specs listing hardwired internet/lan and local was major points for me. Got the Mark II today find out the wifi is the only way to connect. Is there any way to enable the lan port?

The main goal I had with the Mark II is if the net went down but lan is still up lights could be toggled via voice. Since alexa hard fails once the internet goes down. I mostly use Philips hue devices. I do have homeassistant setup for a a presence sensor and grouping motion sensors. I attempted to setup homeassistant to mycroft but can’t get any light be recognized. Past the configuration page took homeassistant.local and token. However I can’t tell if things are setup correctly. I am uncertain how to debug things further. Any suggestions?

On a related note coming from alexa I could list devices in to a room then alexawould know to turn off devices for that room. For example telling alexa turn off the lights in a room will turn off the lights just for that room. Is there any option to setup rooms in mycroft or something similar?

My LAN port worked out of the box. Not tried the WIfi yet!

huh rechecked thins rebooting with the lan cable connected seem to of made lan work. I was more expecting for things to plugin in and just work. However rebooting is not big issue.

Also got thrown off given that the lan ports lights on the device turn off once fully booted. Given the screen in is the whole time don’t fully understand the reasoning for turning off the lan lights but can live with knowing that lan port is working.

Now just have to figure out how to get homeassistant setup to turn off lights for an area. Which is a bit harder to check. Since saying commands and gets a I don’t understand responses is all the debugging I have been able to do. Which makes it hard to have an indication that there are any lights/devices that mycroft can see from homeassistant.