Mascot Mycroft Contest

Here’s my entry:


@Aury88 can you make his “body” more white with grey aroudn the outside vs light blue, and make his eyes and smiling mouth light blue? I would like to see what that looks like. Could be a very awesome emoji set! :smile:

@ronnietucker very cool! I like it a lot. Great submission!

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like this or you mean you want grey the second color in the inner area gradient?

This is what I was talking about. We should look at using this as emoticons for sure.

Keeping this contest going for a while longer to ensure anyone who wants to make a submission is able to. Extension will be another week! :slight_smile:

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Thanxx Fr the extension…I also,want to make my submission…will post it asap…

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Alright guys, last day of this is going to be Friday! Get your submissions in before then! Will announce a winner the following Monday!

I added a little finish layer and a long show for fun. I used Product Sans which is not an open license (I added it for personal use), but I figured the text wasn’t the point.

Here’s my original file (before the text and lighting effects) for Adobe Illustrator if anyone want’s to one-up me.


That is really good @daniel

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Hi ! :smile:

Here’s my contribution to this fun contest and amazing project !
2 Mycroft on their way to home, when ready… :wink:


The same, without text, and a slightly modified wifi-smile…


This is very cool, thanks for the submission!

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And the winner is… @ronnietucker! However, we loved the other submissions a great deal, so I will see if we can get all entries a 3D printed version of @ronnietucker’s Mycroft! We’re also very interested in finding ways to use the other submissions. I think it would be really cool if the Community wanted to form an art team for coming up with interesting ideas for swag, design stuff for the Community site, as well as just in general cool art around Mycroft.

Those who submitted please PM me your address and we will see about getting you guys that 3D print!

I will be making a blog post about this tomorrow!

Wow. Thank you!

If there’s anything in my submission you want tweaked in the drawing (to use elsewhere) just let me know and I’ll make the relevant changes.

I can certainly redraw my entry in 300DPI @ryanleesipes if you guys want to use it in prints/on shirts.

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That would be awesome! Let’s do that!

Here’s a low-rez preview of a possible t-shirt design:

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Here is my entry. Sorry it’s late, it took an incredible amount of market research and design iteration, and many of the world’s leading designers with whom I consulted took a while to get back to me.
Well, here it is:

(o _ o)

I think you’ll agree, it’s something groundbreaking


Wow! Crazy fantastic!