Mimic3 – Cannot change voice

Hi everyone, using Mimic3 on my instance of Mycroft, any idea why after changing user config and restarting the service voice don’t change?

This is my config at the moment:

  "tts": {
    "module": "mimic3_tts_plug",
    "mimic3_tts_plug": {
      "voice": "en_US/cmu-arctic_low",
      "speaker": "clunits",
      "length_scale": 1.0,
      "noise_scale": 0.667,
      "noise_w": 1.0
  "max_allowed_core_version": 21.2

I want to change to female voice, but it’s remaining the same even after restarting the service.

There is no “clunits” speaker. Try one of these: Mimic 3 Voice Samples

For example, “slt” or “ljm”

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This may be a useful thread to read. I could only switch to a voice where there was only one “speaker” (eg., “ljspeech_low” ). Let me know if you can get something like cmu-arctic_low working.

I’ve tried “slt” as well, voice still stays the same