Multiroom sound with Mark II


Hey there.

Because I sell all my Google Home devices at the moment, I ask myself if I will need more than my 3-pack of Mark II in future to hear my favourite music all over my flat.

Hint word should: wireless multiroom
Google is doing this great and I guess alexa too but for it is important if there will be any chance to do this with Mycroft. Is the sound of the Mark II mono or stereo? Would it be a skill thing to do thing like playing my fav radio sender in 2 room without echo or are there plans to handle this with the system-environment?

I hope the get some informations here. Otherwise I thing I need some good multiroom speaker without google/alexa/bixby/cortana sh**t.

Greetings by suisat


I use snapcast for multiroom audio, as it has timestamps, so the audio is fully synced. I use Mycroft to control Spotify and Spotify i set to use my snapcast as player.

I have been thinking of makin a skill that installs snapcast on the devises, but hassnt yet as my room have real speakers conected with snapcast for music output. Better sound than mark_1 or picroft in a box with google AIY kit :slight_smile:


Hi suisat, we don’t currently have multiroom functionality, but I can certainly see the appeal.

Snapcast seems like a good project, would be interested to hear if anyone has got it working on a Mycroft device?