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Mycroft Home : using more than one device



I am using Picroft 18.8.2

To learn skills, I create one to send orders to a device which controls my home rolling shutters. With settingsmeta.json I have a new form in Mycroft Home Skills to send the IP address of the device. The skill works fine. Now, I control my rolling shutters manually, by web from a computer, by my smartphone with an Android API when I am outside and now by voice. It’s fascinating to interact by voice. The limit is to stay within earshot so we need multiple devices.

Having always in mind to work on French language, I think it could be better to get one Mycroft device working in English and one to experiment. I replaced the SD card in the Raspberry, follow the boot process as if it was a new device, and pair it. I have now 2 Mycroft devices but one Skills and Settings pages for both. This configuration is not easy to handle.

When using device n°2 and despite the fact that they work well with it, the device owner of the skills is always device n° 1 as shown by (i). The settings for my custom skill device n°2 was difficult to get because the form was filled in for device n°1. I remove it and after multiple tries, finally I get my custom skill form on the Skills page. The owner is now device n°2. I don’t retry device N°1 !

The easiest could be to create one account for each device, but I think it’s not the usual way. I certainly missed something. How does Mycroft Home work when we use more than one device and need different parameters ?


Hi there @henridbr, this is a really strong problem description - thank you.

At the moment the only solution we have is to use the Skill Setting page on and hit the reload icon -
to delete the Skill and reload it from a new Device. The owner is then reset to the new Device.

Going forward, we’d like to build in more functionality to better support synchronization and communication between multiple Devices - but we haven’t developed that yet. For future development plans, please do have a look at our Roadmaps.


Thank you @KathyReid

It’s the problem with sound devices : one device with multiple speakers and one sound displayed or multiple devices and multiple sounds displayed.
The first solution would be more appropriate for elder people personal assistants and the second one for families with many different uses, or in offices.
Good to dream a little !