Mycroft needs to re-pair frequently


I’ve been having an odd issue with both Mark 1 and picroft. Almost every time I turn them on (after being unplugged), they need to re-pair. I haven’t updated to 19.02, so I believe I’m on the 18.12 stable branch for both.

The network I’m connected to is a bit odd, so the IP of the Mark 1 has changed a few times, but it doesn’t happen frequently enough to be the issue.

Any ideas?

Interesting behaviour.

The identity of your device is stored at ~/.mycroft/identity/identity2.json
For the Mark 1 this is under the mycroft user directory and on Picroft it’s under the pi user

Can you think of any reason your home folder would be getting cleared? Have you been trying out any interesting skills or running other services on the same devices?

Also assuming you haven’t been removing the devices from page.

Thanks, @gez-mycroft! It seems like identity2.json is not being created at all for some reason. Let me investigate.