Mycroft speak and understand in Spanish

Good Day , I am download the code of Mycroft exactly 0.8 and my intention it´s that Mycroft speak and understand in Spanish language.

First I have raspberry pi 3 and install raspbian Jessie lite, the sound I use a sound card by usb (c-media) and my speaker and microphone are with mini-jack.

I Install pip and use git clone (included spanish dic)

I modify the alsa.conf in /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf and change the valor 0 for 1.

Install to espeak for probe the sound system and works fine and mbrola spanish voices.

I will write in this topic for convert mycroft in a ai spanish .

Thanks .

Great, thanks!
You might also find the documentation here helpful! Feel free to raise PRs against this documentation too.

You do not want to hear that documentation is 100% wrong. has blunders

for example:

Then we copy it to the PocketSphinx directory

cd cmusphinx-en-5.2.tar.gz
cp * / usr / local / share / pocketsphinx / model / en / es
cd …

Or maybe I’m wrong and you just want to copy the README?


Hi @Manuel_Jimenez, thanks for reporting this issue with the documentation for Mycroft in Spanish. This documentation is experimental, as indicated, and likely has errors.

In order for us to correct them, you will need to provide more information, such as;

  • Which parts of the documentation are wrong?
  • What specifically is wrong or not working?

Kind regards,

Today after a big fight and putting together many posts, I got mycroft 0.9.13 to understand and speak Spanish … if you want I’ll give you the instructions to update the wiki, so that people do not get lost like I do

un saludo

Yes, please! Instructions would be very helpful!

It would be great if you shared how you made mycroft speak and understand Spanish.

Muchas Gracias de antemano.

Of course, give me a day or two to check a couple of things, and make a small document

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Thank you very much!!!

Hi Manuel,
Have you been able to find some time to write up how you managed to make mycroft work in Spanish?

Hi @Manuel_Jimenez, finally you make mycroft work in Spanish? If you do, please share with me.

Hi @Manuel_Jimenez. I join to the request for the manual. When you can, I’ll very grateful.
Best Regards.

Please, where is the manual? Thanks.

Hi robotijin, I saw you got chatting with some of the community members in our Spanish language chat which is great.

For anyone else’s benefit though, we don’t yet have Spanish ready for general usage, however there are many excellent community members working on it and I’m sure they’d love extra help.

We’ve also created a fork of Spanish in for Latin American Spanish (es_LM), as distinct from Castilian. So the new es_LM language has all of the Castilian translations, but can be updated to provide more appropriate translations for the Latam community.

Hola, me mostrarías como poder hacer que mycroft funcione en español? Gracias