"Mycroft Today in History - Event skill"

Hi Mycroft Team,
I wanted to install the skill “Today in History” from your official skill-list at https://mycroftai.github.io/mycroft-skills/ and saw that it’s referring to a dead end at https://github.com/Geeked-Out-Solutions/mycroft-skill-today-in-history (ERROR 404)

Please check

Mycroft Today in History - Event skill

Thanks <3
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He’s archived his skills, unfortunately. There’s an older copy I have you can try installing if you’re willing to try it.

Thanks @baconator, I was hoping to let it be fixed for the whole community or otherwise be taken off the official Mycroft webpage. There shouldn’t be any official skills which are referring to a website that doesn’t exist anymore. Just pointing out what I experienced.

@btotharye nuked all his mycroft contributions, everywhere the url is referenced must be updated manually…

the skills store should be updated relatively fast when this happens, because the automated checks will fail on every new pull request, but everywhere else will probably go under the radar until someone notices and flags it

the discussion around this (developers nuking skills) didnt really take off, but some good points were made, check here Mycroft Chatbot - A Solution For Answering Questions

also take a look at United Skill Writers - draft , some of us are organizing to take care of orphaned skills, feel free to suggest this one for adoption since the fork linked above exists

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Yep, looking into how to get it updated.

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That is great input @Chrispy. I think that that page is outdated. The “right” skills that is accepted by Mycroft is in the market at https://market.mycroft.ai

I also made a list of all skills located on GitHub that isnt archived or are forks. That list is at
It includes working, not working, new, old and test skills. Each skill is marked if it is in the market or pending market is they are.
But do know - it isnt an alternative to the market.mycroft.ai and it isnt a offficial list provided by Mycroft. Just a list I collected by searching GitHub.

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Thank you. HA is something that is very popular.

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I did mention this on the mattermost general channel, and seconds after the great @steve.penrod did a PR to change so the page redirects to the market where the “real” skills is.

But that leve us missing this today in history skill, and hopefully someone in the comunity picks it up and send it to the market. I like that skill I are willing to send it to market if no one else isnt dooing it.

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This should now be fixed.

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