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Mycroft wont load - Linux new user

Back Story:

Sorry but I’m a complete noob to Linux, and well I ended up loosing windows to an update they F up, when I bought this Gaming Laptop they gave me a CD Restore, but there is no CD drive on a Gaming Laptop. So my only choice was to try out Linux cinnamon on a USB I made last week.

Here I am, so everything so far seems to be better than win10, and Steam has a Linux Proton loader for my games, but several games rely on Cortona. I have never liked it. I had win on everything I bought from a kid, so Linux not something I’m not familiar with.

So I have Turtle Beach Headset Stealth 600 does not appear in the list of Mics when playing Phasmophobia and several other programs, I need to find a fix for this. So I searched for an alternative to Cortona, and found this tool.

My Issue:
So I went to the Snap Shop, downloaded Mycroft, and it all installed.
I pressed win key, to show the menu searched “Myc”, and it showed up.
I selected it and it started to load. It went through getting php, then dependency’s, then it just says 0% loading then it closes after a few and nothing happens.

I try to load it again, nothing shows up, so what am I missing?
I’ve tried uninstalling it from the store, and re-installing it, but nothing any help would be appreciated.

For a start… this isnt going to be a solution for voice recognition in phasmophobia - Cortana is built into windows and is a completely different beast. in order for phasmo to work with mycroft, there would need to be a set of libraries installed into WINE/Proton to translate the cortana API calls into something that Mycroft can understand and use, and vice versa - now as far as i know, nothing like this exists… yet

interestingly its what sparked my foray into mycroft… ive been debating attempting to work out whats needed and maybe implementing it in a skill or something combined with some sort of custom DLL that wine can use as a cortana replacement… however ive never done anything like this, so i wouldnt get my hopes up for success just yet, im probably way in over my head

However i need to get past the hurdle of getting the software running in my system first. which i am also struggling

EDIT: also phasmo should detect your mic even without a Voice Recognition engine… so might want to look into your audio configurations instead

maybe related to this