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New skill to support FHEM (a GPL'd perl server for house automation)


Hi there, I have re-used @btotharye 's fantastic homeassistant skill and created a new version to support (FHEM is a GPL’d perl server for house automation which has a strong user-base in Germany).
This Skill should be regarded as “in development”, new functionality will be added soon. Testers and general feedback welcome…

How to install FHEM-SKILL

  • Install FHEM-SKILL by …

    • Before installation ensure you have python-dev package installed for your OS. For debian this would be apt-get install python-dev it is required for the levenstein package.
    • This skill can be installed via msm install
  • connecting FHEM-SKILL NAME to FHEM…

    • This skill utilizes the skillsettings.json file which allows you to configure this skill via
    • after a few minutes of having the skill installed you should see a new section “Fhem” in the location.
    • Fill this out with your appropriate Fhem information and hit save.

How to test FHEM-SKILL

  • Configure the Skill Settings in
  • Speak Hey Mycroft, turn on office light (assuming you have configured a ‘office light’ in FHEM.
  • Mycroft (FHEM) should turn on the office light,

Where feedback on FHEM-SKILL should be directed at

Feedback on the Skill should be provided here in this forum thread, through Issues on GitHub, via email or via Mycroft Chat.


There have been some updates to the fhem-skill: besides the intents for turning on and off several entity types (light, switch, outlet), you now can also change the temperature (thermostat) and get status information (sensor, thermometer).


Another update to the fhem-skill:

  • Use pypi-package “fhem” as new client-api (instead of my homegrown client)
    This makes development much more comfortable, in addition the fhem-library has some interesting features like parsing fhem-events that may be useful in future releases of this skill
  • Improved device parsing with much better room detection
    In my tests this had much better results than before, still there might glitches. Your feedback on this is highly welcomed.

When you already have the previous version installed a mycroft-msm update fhem-skill should get you the latest version.