OpenVSCode-server - Replacement for old TheiaIDE skill

Its been fat to long time sinse I have had time for doing Mycroft stuff. But last night I got some time, and were looking at all my small projekts.
One project were the TheiaIDE skill, which I would update, but instead I did a new skill using OpenVSCode-server.
That made my work much easier, and the skill i simpel, and also includes auto update of the VSCode-server when newer releases come upstream.
I expect to take Theia IDE away from market replacing it with this skill.

Yes I know - this isnt really a skill that adds much to the Mycroft, but it does make it easier to access the device and write new skills and test skills.

So Now I need someone to test :slight_smile: It is made on a Picroft where I have been testing to, but should also install and work on a arm64 or X86 Linux system.

How to install OpenVSCode-server

use Mycroft Skills Manager

mycroft-msm install

This will install the skill, and first thing the skil does, is installing OpenVScode-server. During the installation it will download precompiled package and extract it.

The skille is made for Picroft, but should install work on any arm and x86 platform running Linux

After installation, there should be a log info saying “OpenVSCode-server installed OK” and Mycroft should tell you by voice that he has installed the skill. You can then open a web-browser and go to http://:/?tkn= where is the hostname of the device, port is the portnumber (standard 3000) and token is accesstoken (standard 1234).

If your Mycroft device is Picroft the hostname properly is Picroft so you could access it with this url http://picroft:3000/?tkn=1234

There are some settings that kan be set on skill setting page on which is portnumner, access token and if VSCode-server should start when device starts.

On every startup of the device, the skill checks for new updates and if there is an update it will be updated. So OpenVSCode should always be latest verssion. You can force an update check and update by saying “update VS code”

How to test OpenVSCode-server

First I would like to know if the skill installs on other platforms.

When installed, please try making or editing a skill and see if that works. Close browser and go back and do all the stuff you would.

Change settings on skill setting on Mycroft skill page and se that it works. Note that changing the access token only works after next start.

Start and stop the VS Code by vioce “start VS code server” and “stop VS code server”

Where feedback on OpenVSCode-server should be directed a

Feedback here on forum or through Issues on GitHub or via Mycroft Chat and I hope to get time to do more Mycroft stuff.



Thanks for replying. I tried the new IDE:

$ mycroft-msm install
INFO - building SkillEntry objects for all skills
INFO - Downloading skill:
INFO - Installing system requirements...
INFO - Successfully installed openvscode-server-skill

So far, so good. Then I pointed a browser to my Mycroft http://<>:3000/
But got a one word web page: “Forbidden.”

Any ideas?

-Mike M

Great - you need to enter the right URL - http://<>:3000/?tkn=1234

The VSCode-server need a security token in the URL, and it is set to 1234. You cn change it on the skill setting page om

@andlo - thanks for the quick reply. That fixed it.

All I can say is WOW !!!

-Mike M
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Hi, I just install this skill on my genesis server mycroft instance. And I am not one to be drawn to leaving feedback almost immediately, after taking a new {anything} for the first shake down cruise, but…
I have been using Visual Code Studio, for some time now hand have been generally pleased ever since I got the remote ssh editing working. This was by fare the most important to me as most things I write will be running on the genesis server, which is running openSUSE Tumbleweed for almost two years now. And this is where mycroft calls home.
But now this OpenVSCode -server skill fits the bill to a treat. I runs nicely in the web browser, thus can be called into existence via the main system menu landing page, (which comprises of over 400 lines of html, css, php, and jscript). I have successfully edited some 30 source files now without any glitch, and am suitably impressed enough to continue seeing how far I can use this in my everyday coding. So my hats off to you andlo, this is far much improved over the TheiaIDE skill, which I never really had much joy with.

Hi Andlo,

Great work. I tested it on Windows 11 with WSL2 (Windows Linux Subsystem). Installation worked like a charm.

Took a while for me to figure out the correct url, but once I got it right VS Code opened in the browser.

However, since I am on Windows with VS code already installed it add no extra value. From within WSL I can easily start VS Code by type ‘code .’ form within any folder.

Your skill is still a great solution for remote work. So I will keep it in might once my Mark II arrives :slight_smile:

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Great to hear.

Yes using VScode and remote to WLS (or SSH to a nother machine) the vscode-server dosnt give anything extra.

My idea is if users not used to do programming aquere a mycroft device, the skill makes it easy to get started to make skills.

I have been using the VSCode-server quite a lot. but recently it has stopped working for no apparent reason, the only things that have changed in the mycroft installation are when mycroft is started and code updates happen otherwise the install is static since the VSCode skill addition.

That I would like to look into, but atm I hasnt much time :frowning: