Raspberry Pi 5?

I have a handful of Ras Pi 4s and four that are back-ordered. But now the word is, other than those still in stock, they may not be available for the remainder of 2022. So that blows a hole in the side of my raggedy ‘business model’.

Due to the known overheating problem of the Ras Pi 4, maybe this is a Good Thing. I found an interview with Eben Upton (now a new personal hero), and he said words to the effect of “The Raspberry Pi 5 will not be announced at the upcoming 10 year anniversary, nor on ‘Pi Day’ 3/14/22”. But that does imply they are working on it. I’m hoping the successor is ready by say July 1, that the overheating problem has been fixed, and that they start the initial production run in the millions.

Overly enthusiastic?


-Mike M

Mark-II vs. RPI5 - who will be first? :wink:

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Are you having overheating issues ?
If so what are you doing to cause it ?
I’ve seen several people go to amazing lengths to cool the RPi4 but to be honest I don’t have a problem.
I use a Pimoroni FanShim on mine and it rarely goes above 50 degrees.
I bought some 4cm 5v fans for my RPi3’s, fitted copper (coloured) heatsinks, created a circuit to stop reverse voltage and wrote some dodgy code to control the fan. Depending on the cpu temperature, it goes from Stop(never happened) to 25% (rare), 50%, 75% and full on. Again it rarely goes above 50 degrees.

Using the RasPi as a general purpose computer. If I don’t use the desktop, it usually stays below 70C.

I have heat sinks but no fan. I’ve ordered a ‘fan hat’ hoping it will fit between the RasPi and the ‘DAC hat’. We’ll see …

-Mike M

I hope it fits.
You can’t fit a heat sink under the Pimoroni FanShim. The top edge of the FanShim stands about 12mm above the RPi motherboard. My RPi4 is in a Pimoroni Pibow case, the top of the fan sits about 5mm above the top of the case.
You may need a riser header.

I’m using this with a RPi O/C to 2.2Ghz:

pi@rpi4b01:~ $ vcgencmd measure_clock arm
pi@rpi4b01:~ $ vcgencmd measure_temp 

The FAN is only started when 70 degrees is reached.

I have been using a Raspberry Pi Ice tower by Geek Pi for only $20USD and the Pi stays cool , very nice product

I mentioned this on the chat, I had the same thought.

Active cooling does work so much better but don’t bother with fancy shims / hats.
5v fan on 3.3v = 66% or 12v on 5v = 42% and either of those works great and a couple of $ for a 2 pin 30/40mm from ebay or aliexpress.
5v fans on 5v are 100% and great airflow but a mini hairdryer in terms of noise the above you will not hear.

Also been amazed at how much difference a copper shim can provide with OC as overall temps average about same but load spikes must be transfered faster as generally when playing I always manage higher Ghz if a copper shim has been used as opposed to just a Alu heatsink.

I very much doubt that the heating will be lower on the Pi 5, especially if they intend to make it even more capable.

Besides it’s not like it hasn’t been handled and accounted for. All modern cpus are capable of throttling to keep themselves in spec so they won’t melt in any case, they might just slow down a bit. The company I work at ships Pi ROS robots and we can run a full slam stack, webrtc video encoding, navigation, etc. without a heatsink at all.

Dunno Pi5 is a big question as the Raspberry Pi is really a VideoCore IV processor with an ARM bolted on the side and its just been incremental from then.
It worked but it sort of doesn’t in comparison to the mainstream of the cpu being central and the Broadcom alliance prob causes Raspberry some future problems as far as I know they don’t really have a sucessor as they where edging thier bets and supporting the nvidia takeover of Arm.

Pi4A might be cool as you never know they might break out that spare pcie lane.
Broadcom hasn’t been very sucessful in backing or obtaining IP after the also failed to takeover quallcom.
Its all real interesting to what and when Raspberry will do next with a Pi5 as the Raspberry architecture with Videocore has prob hit a cul-de-sac and that has huge implications and not sure what broadcom has on offer but think they do employ Vivante & PowerVR.
Raspberry has a huge community and market but its roots are in a odd place to much modern Arm silicon.
So as much as a celebration many might be tuning into the 10th birthday broadcasts of Raspberry to hopefully catch some nugets of where raspberry might be going as to be honest I really don’t know.

No it doesn’t :frowning:

I bought this fan hat:

With the idea of putting it in between the Pi and the DAC hat, but I did not notice that the fan has female pins on BOTH SIDES. When does this make any sense?

So I have to order male to male 2x20 pin strips …
Hope this works … stay tuned …

Thanks for sharing this URL and your thoughts. I’ll definitely try to catch that Feb 28th episode with Eben Upton.

-Mike M

Hi Mike,
I have a sensor hat. The RPi CPU put the sensor hats temperature sensor way off so I got some perfboard and made something similar to this fan hat. I had to get long legged headers to make that work. It did bring the temperature sensor nearer to being correct though.

On my latest Pi4B build as I wanted a 4in IPS screen attached tried, this slightly off the wall idea and it seams to work. Copper shims on the CPU and memory, The aluminum finned heat-sinks on top of those, as well as on the two other smaller chips near the USB ports. That alone was not enough, so a small 4cm 5v fan blowing air from the SD-Card side over the heat sinks, the air blowing toward the network/USB ports, as the display also block the air flow from escaping with is 28pin GPIO header forces the air to flow over the heat-sink then exhaust the heat from each side at the back. Now my Pi that was trying to commit death by fire, is running as cool as if it where in ice

I only noticed it on the PiZero2 as always thought the ‘copper’ thing was just OTT. With the Z2 I was trying to get 1.4Ghz and not getting very stable results so just did an ebay and try.
Overall copper makes no difference at all but there must be short transient heat spikes that it distributes quicker than ALU as what was unstable @1.4Ghz became very stable.

If you are going to try OC verging near silly levels then copper does help but normally and overall for long term temps it makes no difference as really its getting rid of the slow heat build up and not sharp transient spikes.

Pi hats are not the greatest when it comes to cooling as practically all block in some way and a GPIO flex extender might be a good idea to give more space as never had any problems with them.

On the Zero2 I have been adding cheap M.2 heatsinks to the rear as the thermal tape seems to be enough insulation as an extra and just going passive but near enough a perfect fit.
Either way just a small amount of air flow can make a huge difference so like I say a small fan on the side blowing across or blower type 5v fan on 3.3v = 66% or 12v on 5v = 42% like I say as the hats are all good but a whole other problem when trying to fit them with other hats.

So yeah copper good but if you want to save some pennies then only needed for OC really.

PS seen as there was no new Pi announcements as had my fingers crossed the Pi4 AI… :slight_smile: but hey.

Radxa are about to release 2 very interesting SBC’s

1st being a Zero2 like power house with a NPU

2nd is just generally a entry level desktop arm SBC that set new levels for SBC like boards also with a 6 tops NPU but prob absolute max 8bit perf figures.

Still though they both have pretty decent GPU’s so with the NPU/GPU/CPU both likely AI powerhouses.

The 2nd could likely make an extremely good central ‘brain’ for a voice AI system at relatively low cost.