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Regarding Polly TTS support


I see the latest release notes say - Amazon polly support is now enabled. But i tried setting it up and i get the below error in audio log.

2020-05-11 21:30:30.784 | ERROR | 61668 | mycroft.tts.tts:create:519 | The selected TTS backend couldn’t be loaded. Falling back to Mimic

What am i missing?


Can you share the “tts” section of your mycroft.conf (don’t forget to remove you credentials/api-key before sharing?)

Below is my tts config. Thanks for your help…

$ mycroft-config get tts
“pulse_duck”: false,
“module”: “polly”,
“mimic”: {
“voice”: “ap”
“mimic2”: {
“lang”: “en-us”,
“url”: “”,
“preloaded_cache”: “/opt/mycroft/preloaded_cache/Mimic2”,
“voice”: “kusal”
“espeak”: {
“lang”: “english-us”,
“voice”: “m1”
“polly”: {
“voice”: “Matthew”,
“region”: “us-east-1”,
“access_key_id”: “”,
“secret_access_key”: “”
“bing”: {
“api_key”: “”,
“format”: “riff-16khz-16bit-mono-pcm”,
“gender”: “ZiraRUS”,
“lang”: “en-US”

Hey there, just wanted to make sure you have an access_key_id and secret_access_key?

I’m sure you don’t want to post them publicly but if they’re not in your config that will definitely be why it’s not working.

Also did you install the required boto3 package?

More details on both at:

Getting the same error. And yes, I have my AWS credentials and boto3 intstalled. Here’s my mycroft.conf from /etc/mycroft:

“play_wav_cmdline”: “aplay %1”,
“play_mp3_cmdline”: “mpg123 %1”,
“enclosure”: {
“platform”: “picroft”

“tts”: {
“module”: “polly”,
“polly”: {
“voice”: “Matthew”,
“region”: “eu-central-1”,
“secret_access_key”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”
“ipc_path”: “/ramdisk/mycroft/ipc/”

Hey, I’m still kind of new to contributing to open source projects, but @gez-mycroft it looks like the file that JarbasAI wrote was never actually merged to the dev or master branches and the JarbasAI/polly_TTS branch was deleted. Here’s the pull request where support was planned to be added (and sorry if I’m using the wrong terminology, I’m still new to git):

@misterbristles - you are right. I looked at the current dev branch (mycroft/tts/ There is no actual code to handle polly.

You were absolutely correct, we had a mix up, thought the PR got merged but it hadn’t. It’s now in the dev branch

Thanks @gez-mycroft… Pulled the latest code and its working without any problems. Cheers.

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