Registration Code: P is hard to understand

Today I came across a Registration Code with the letter P an found it really hard to understand.
The words “P as in Paul” where mentioned at least six times before I gave up and opened the CLI to read the text.

In the NATO phonetic alphabet, which seems to be used for most characters, the word for P would be Papa. I would recommend to use this standard, as I first tired to match it against the words in the Phonetic Alphabet.
Another change seems Mycroft’s “K as in Kilogram” whereas the standard is just “K as in Kilo”.

I am using the standard “British Male (Default)” voice. It might be an issue with how the voice speaks Ps. I find “P as in Papa” difficult to understand too.

Thanks for your feedback @jaller94, can I ask which voice you were using (ie British Male, American female etc) as this may have a bearing on how easy or hard to understand the phonetic spelling was.

British Male (Default)

Thanks @jaller94, yes the Alan Pope voice is a little robotic - have you tried the new ‘Kusal’ voice under Mimic 2?