Self hosted AI Assistant? Mycroft, Snips, Other?

I’ve been trying to find a self-hosted (and preferably FOSS) AI Assistant for Android and Desktop Linux.

So far, I’ve found Mycroft and Snips. I’d one better than the other? If so, why? Or is there a better alternative?

They’re somewhat different. Mycroft is a more general purpose tool, snips appears to be more specific. Mycroft is open source, snips wasn’t last time I looked.

Mycroft can be run locally, though its default configuration doesn’t have that setup. You’ll need to run the personal backend service ( You’d also need to run deepspeech ( or kaldi or something else to do ASR/STT. You can run mimic (1) fairly easily, or if you’re looking for a more human-sounding voice, you can try mimic2 (

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Hi Vin, welcome to the community!

It’s hard for me not to at least appear a bit biased in thinking that Mycroft is amazing :smiley:

Though to be honest I haven’t tried Snips. The last time I looked, they weren’t open source and I’m not a fan of running unknown code on my devices. There also doesn’t seem to be a very wide range of Skills/Snips but I’d be curious to hear if others have actually used it.