SIP skill, current status?

Is anybody using or working on this?

Got it installd and (sort of) working, it appears some features are missing. Any exchange aappreciated.

will see if i can update the skill, it certainly needs some love!

i kinda stopped developing it because i got frustrated with selene and skill settings not playing nice, adding contacts etc via mycroft.home didnt work well due to not having 2 way sync

cool. If I can be of any help, I’d be happy to!

hm… baresip seems to facilitate video connections. Add this functionality to the wrapper? Complications?

not sure how i feel about video calls, this is a voice assistant and GUI is optional… might make more sense as separate skill instead (even if using same underlying lib)

i would like a native mycroft-gui solution for this, maybe baresip is not the best tool in this case…

I also should look into alternative libs, i made the baresipy wrapper because the existing sip libs i wanted to use were python2 only back then, but i think they are now python3 and we might have a better solution, if i change the underlying lib of the skill then video calls may also be a no go, so thats one more reason to have a dedicated skills for video calls

i use the pjsua2 wrapper for pjsip in my doorbell, but you have to build both for video support (which is pretty lengthy) , so it is a hard sell - and never got to cobble together a client (use linphone). sipsimple is fiddly to build - tossed that one as a solution.

i am exploring the option to migrate to

maybe that should be a new dedicated skill however, and in that case the baresip skill would be archived or in need of maintainers

also want to announce i managed to fix skill settings sync and will get back to this soon, this skill broke when 2 way sync was disabled in selene (settings change on device not uploaded), but i wrote some utils under selene_api to do this explicitly instead of depending on core.

if anyone is interested in checking them out GitHub - OpenVoiceOS/selene_api

I’d love to see that. Also willing to do some testing if required. Maybe I can call my Mycroft some day and use it from the phone …

Although I like the fact there is some dedicated Python library to me it looks like it is to limited. I like the baresip approach because of its features and implementations.

Also, it is 2022 so the focus should be on video calling IMHO