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(solved almost) Can't change the language to French


I’m working about mycroft since June, and I want to switch it to french,
I followed the tutorial here : but I have some problems.
Even if i change the mycroft.conf, the wake_word are not detected,

Sincerely Yours,


Re, I just found my errors !
First I just have to modify the mycroft.conf locate at .mycroft,
Then I tested with one skill, I changed the file Vocab to “fr” and that works !


Fantastic! Thanks for posting the solution!



How exactly did you manage to get mycroft work in french? I’m trying to get mycroft up and running in german, but without success. I’ve been following the guide for german language setup which is pretty similar to the guide for french language support. Unfortunately mycroft doesn’t react at all when saying the wake word.
Did you use a Mark device or mycroft for Linux (which I am using) or some other setup?
Where do I find the file Vocab to change the language setting?
Which skill did you test with?

Hope you get give me some hints to get mycroft speak german.

Thanks in advance



Hey, let me try to help you,
First, I have two files mycroft.conf, the first have the modified lines ( locate at .mycroft/mycroft.conf)

     "lang": "fr",

     "listener": {

       "wake_word": "salutations mycroft",
       "phonemes": "SS AA LL UU TT AA SS YY ON . M AY K RR AO F T",
       "threshold": 1e-10,
       "standup_word": "salutations",
       "standup_phonemes": "ss aa ll uu tt aa ss yy on",
       "standup_threshold": 1e-10
   "tts": {
     "module": "espeak",
     "espeak": {
       "lang": "fr",
       "voice": "m1"

and the second one is locate here : ~/mycroft-core/mycroft/configuration/mycroft.conf it contain the default configuration.


Here is my solution for german language (works on PiCroft). I decided to go with the english default wake word “hey mycroft” as it feels not to uncomfortable in german.
Current setting below uses Google-TTS but you can switch to espeak if you want to by changing “module”: “google” to “module”: “espeak” (it took me some time to understand that I have to “apt-get get install espeak” to make it work…)

"tts": {
      "module": "google",
      "espeak": {
        "path": "/usr/bin/espeak",
        "lang": "de",
        "voice": "mb-de2"
     "google" : {
      "lang": "de"
  "hotwords": {
    "hey mycroft": {
      "module": "precise"
  "lang": "de-de"


Note: after reboot it sometimes takes a minute or two until german language is initialized.


Do you know where is the file “” and do I have to change the too ? (there is some lines which contains lang=“en-us”) .

I want to know if it’s possible to talk two languages at the same time.


Oh I forgot to inform that the file for grammar
this one : _your_base_dir_mycroft/client/speech/recognizer/model/fr/fr.lm
isn’t available but it’s write on the tutorial


@Dominik @Baptiste_Aussenac
Thanks for your help

Installing espeak did the job. Now Mycroft understands what I’m saying in German. Unfortunately, the only answer I get for any question is “not loaded”. I guess the problem is that the skills are not set to German language!? Did you make any changes to your skill files?

Best regards


I have used espeak only for text-to-speech voice output. But the espeak voice is very robotic/synthetic and I used it only for an hour or two until I figured out how to use Google-TTS with german voice (see my configuration example above).

My speech-to-text voice input is handled by Google-STT via setting in

Some skills (time-date, weather) have already some basic translation to german, but it seems that not all of them were done by native speakers. Right now i am contributing some more/better translations, starting with fallback-unknown and weather…


Hi Dominik,

thanks again for your assistance. I tried your suggested settings with google as well. The only progress I made was, that now Mycroft seems to also answer in German. But the only answer I get for each question I ask is “Not Loaded”, which is pronounced in a pretty German way. There are a few Errors showing in CLI so I guess this has nothing more to do with language support directly. So I will open a new thread to find some solutions.
But thanks for bringing me that far.
Best regards

After configuring Mycroft for German the only answer is "not loaded"

maybe it’s because you haven’t skills in german ?
You have to create the “german version” (as you see in the vocab, it’s “en-US”. did you do that ?


No, I didn’t. Where can I find that vocab file? Is “vocab” the full name of the file or is there an ending missing?


Hi @Baptiste_Aussenac,

I fond the folders and did the changes. Now it works. Thanks a lot for your help.