Strange behaviour of wakewordtest

While trying to generate an new wake-word using precise, I discovered a strange behaviour of mycroft-start wakewordtest

I already fixed a missing function in FileMockMicrophone so now it’s running.
But with the original Code from dev branch none of my wake words are recognized.
When I insert some sleep statements at different places in more wakewords are recognized.
It’s stange that a copy of a wave file is only recognized on the second try.

Waiting 2s for backend to start up
Wake word Not found - hey-jarvis-00.wav
2022-02-16 10:57:53.354 | INFO     | 25169 | mycroft.session:get:72 | New Session Start: 64cdb4a7-5a1c-4a6b-9929-d60d0a68f2da
Wake word Detected  - hey-jarvis-00a.wav

I think, there’s a timing issue because of asynchronus processing.
It’s the same on my Raspi and on my Deskop.

I am happy to receive any suggestions.