Testing and Feedback - Mycroft Akinator Skill


This is a simple skill that enables Mycroft to play with you the Akinator game from akinator.com. It basically is just a simple wrapper for this python Akinator API.

For those of you who don’t know, Akinator is a genie :genie: that tries to read your thoughts. You think of any real or fictional character (and I mean any character), Akinator will ask you questions and try to guess who it is. Just install this skill, say “Hey Mycroft, start Akinator” and give it a try!
I got the idea for this skill back when I was still on the dark side (using Alexa). There is a very similar Alexa skill to this one that I really enjoyed playing with from time to time.


mycroft-msm install https://github.com/QW3RTZUI0P/mycroft-akinator-skill

Then start the skill by saying “Hey Mycroft, start Akinator” or “Hey Mycroft, guess who I am”. Child mode (excluding inappropriate content) is enabled by default, but you can turn it off in the skills settings on home.mycroft.ai.

Feedback and Contributing

Any feedback (either via GitHub or via this forum) is greatly appreciated :+1:. I’m looking for feedback from anyone who wants to test a new game for Mycroft.

This skill currently only works in English and German and any PRs to support new languages (or any PRs in general) are very welcome! I haven’t tested it very thoroughly and bugs and small errors may very well occurr.


I have no control over the type of questions Mycroft / Akinator asks you, this skill only passes the questions received by the API on to the user.

I hope that there isn’t any other Mycroft Akinator skill that I overlooked (that’s what happened the last time I created a skill). Also I’m planning to submit this skill to the Mycroft marketplace if the feedback is positive.

I encourage everyone to try out Akinator / this skill! For me and my family it has been a lot of fun (the questions Akinator is asking are often very strange and funny) and another little game for Mycroft is imho never a bad thing (especially if you have guests at home and want to them show what Mycroft can do and why he is better than Alexa / Google Home :grinning:.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!