The simpliest issue in the world

Hello guys! i came to follow the github step by step install. my linux mint started crying and my terminal stopped responding before ending his tasks. the last command i typed was " $ bash".
but i don’t like heavy softs. so i came to and i was sure that the FIRST & INAMOVIBLE topics i will find is: HOW TO UNINSTALL mycroft. but i spent ,spilled,spoiled a lot of time searchink by keywords, readings topics…nothing. So , please, CAN SOMEONEHELP?.
NB: uninstalling doesnt mean that the soft is not good. it only emit probabilities among them an - - etc…


Hi @andrew1, sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues installing mycroft-core on Linux Mint. Can you please let us know the following information which will help us to help you?

  • what version of Linux Mint are you running?
  • what sort of hardware are you running?
  • in your /mycroft-core/scripts/logs directory, are there any logs?

Kind regards,