Unstable Linux Mycroft on rpi4 64 bit bullseye - system level hang

This is a tough one. At times everything works fine:
rpi4 with adafruit speaker bonnet & USB mic
64 bit raspberry pi OS based on debian bullseye
mimic3 installed and in use
precise listener with Athena wake word .

However. sometimes when I start mycroft: ./start-mycroft.sh debug
I get a little text in the log window and then the rpi4 hangs forcing me to power cycle to restart. Afterwords, there is nothing in any of the log files (mycroft, system, kernel).

At other times, the mycroft cli comes up and I can interact with it by typing, but audio (mic and speakers) do not work. I found that by stopping and starting mycroft one or more times will eventually get me back to a function mycroft again.

So HELP! Has anyone else experienced this before? Maybe a hardware issue? however, the rpi4 only crashes when starting mycroft.

Mycroft is more stable now. I’m not sure why, but here are some possible causes:

  1. I was getting “low voltage warnings” from my Raspberrypi OS, especially when I started mycroft. These have gone away for now and I haven’t had a system level hang in awhile.
  2. There were some errors reported in regards to python3.9 and import statements in thread modules.
    Python 3.9+ issues · Issue #2799 · MycroftAI/mycroft-core · GitHub
    I implemented this fix:
    mycroft-core/process_utils.py at bugfix/mp-workaround · forslund/mycroft-core · GitHub
  3. I now start mycroft as a system service which seems to be very stable

Hey there, welcome to the forums and glad you got some stuff worked out.

In regard to the “low voltage warnings” I’d make sure you have a quality power supply. Whilst it “only crashes when starting mycroft” this could be because all the peripherals are powering up also.

Unfortunately not all USB-C chargers are created equal and a little money on the right power supply will save you lots of headaches elsewhere.