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Update on boombox startup

Hello Mycrofters,

Here’s an update on the startup which is totally based on Mycroft, FOSS and privacy. I met with the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation (HVCI) today - a group trying to foster startups and business in NY state’s Hudson Valley. I presented them with our status on the proposed Smart Boombox:

  • Assembling and learning newly purchased CNC machine and laser engraver
  • NY SBDC helping to move from Google Sites to DreamHost with Credit Card apps (WooCommerce)
  • Mycroft/Jellyfin/pa/alsa/Linux music playing software stack is coming along - see document cited below
  • New prototype boombox is necessary - first prototype target: Nov 30th (watch this space)

Details on the new prototype: As has discontinued the 3-1/2" Tang Band subwoofer used in the current box, but now offers a 5-1/4" for about the same price, there is a need to change. Here are some details:

  • 50% larger subwoofer => 50% better bass? hopefully…
  • Larger frame to house larger subwoofer + more room in top enclosure
  • More powerful amp (200w total vs. 120w)
  • More amp controls (Vol+Treb+Bass+SubVol+SubCutover vs. Vol+Bass)
  • 1/2" Baltic birch (best wood for speaker enclosures?) rather than laminated 2/5" plywood
  • More appealing luminated power switch
  • Raspberry Pi USBs/RJ45 not exposed => cleaner front panel
  • Mostly CNC-cut parts vs. manually cut
  • Laser engraved lettering vs. stickers

Manufacturing - There is a possibility of partnering with the veteran’s group “Hudson Valley Center for Veterans Reintegration” (HVCVR):

  • Possible industrial space for construction and to house laser engraver and CNC machine
  • Possible local jobs for veterans returning from service overseas

I’ve described building the software stack at

If you have time to look at this document and give feedback (especially on section 1.2 “Choices Made”) it would be greatly appreciated.


-Mike M


Guess you have some prototype ready, what is the mic level say when the thing goes boom? I would guess onwards a certain level you have to turn it off manually. Maybe add a ir receiver?
Can’t shake it, love to see Christopher Rogers Face Wake (repurposed to additionally Volume down) on this. :wink:

And to add: I do think it needs such kind of twist to take off


At about half volume in debug mode - over 2000
I was able to stop it with a loud “Hey Mycroft” just now. Usually I turn the volume down first.

IR receiver? why?

-Mike M