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Wake Word Skill Trainer

!!! Bugs
wakeword is only a few times spoken and bad detection sorted out. you could not do that through speech. i have thought about it and make a skill.

How to test SKILL NAME

Specify the steps the user should take to test the Skill, such as;

  • Configure the Skill Settings in
  • Speak I want to call you {name} now
  • Mycroft should start record wake word training or change wake word if exist
  • Speak (I |) train weckword {name}
  • Mycroft should start record wake word training
  • Speak You still do not understand me correctly
  • Mycroft should play recordings from wakwords to select good and bad words (not jet)
  • Speak you can upload your wakeword {name}
  • Mycroft should start upload wake word to (not jet)

Where feedback on Wake Word should be directed a

Be clear about how feedback on the Skill should be provided, such as through Issues on GitHub, via email or via Mycroft Chat.


Hey Andreas, looks like an ambitious project and a great companion ot the new Precise Community Data Repo.

Look forward to seeing it evolve :slight_smile:

Hey gras :slight_smile:

I love your idea :slight_smile: keep up the good work!
You absolutely need to add a requrements.txt to your skill so that mycroft can automatically install dependencies on “msm install”.
I just needed to add wget :wink: so no big deal… It’s working out of the box for me… :smile:
I would try to let precise calculate async…
it took a really long time, and didn’t warn me.
(without looking at the logs I would have thought of major failure :smiley: and most likey hit a kill switch, since I am not very patient)

than i get the following errors:

not-wake-word/en-short/notcomputer-en-1ea1c5bc-d2fa-11e9-aa7a-54a050546b1f.wav’ : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 16000 Hz, Mono
/bin/sh: 1: /home/cola/.mycroft/skills/WakeWord/precise/.venv/bin/python: not found                                                    
14:05:31.240 - WakeWord - INFO - precise file computer not found                                                                       
14:05:34.262 - WakeWord - INFO - precise: check for end calculation      

ok i got it … just run the “~/.mycroft/skills/WakeWord/precise/” than prcise can calculate and train :slight_smile:

Normally the installation should be done automatically. I think I have to think of something to make it transparent. have fun while testing. I have already fixed some bugs in the last few days. Installation may take up to 30 minutes. which os do you use?

I am using KDE Neon. It worked up to the end of the training…
Now it’s stuck in an endless " 14:44:16.238 - WakeWord - INFO - precise: check for end calculation" loop.

I need more log information before and after

I sent you an email at

I can also be contacted via chat

Is fixt now. And many oher things too.

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