YouTube Audio Skill - testing and feedback


Mycroft skill to play audio from YouTube, using the Common Play Framework.

This is heavily based on the excellent I Heart Radio and Tunein skills by johnbartkiw.

It uses Mycroft’s VlcService for playback, and pafy / youtube-dl to fetch media details.

It’s still a bit of a mess, but the basics work.

How to install YouTube Audio Skill

msm install

YouTube Audio Skill connects to … YouTube, without any credentials.

How to test YouTube Audio Skill

No configuration needed. Simply say something like

  • “Play Hendrix (on|with|using) youtube”
  • “Play Midnight in Harlem”
  • “Play Clapton Crossroads”
  • “Stop”

Where to direct feedback

Happy to receive feedback here, or as issues / PRs on gitlab.

Play from youtube skill

That’s awesome :slight_smile:

Great to use existing resources too, we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants!


Working great here. Love this skill.

I would like to give you some ideas:

  • Pause/Resume option
  • Go to minute X (FF/Rewind feature)
  • Search for more titles (e.g: play chillout music always returns Balearic Chill Out Vibes Compilation 2 + Balearic Summertime 2 if when finish or telling “Another like this”, will play the next result
  • “Play random XXXXX” would return any result not just the first one, so most probably won’t play the same song if you search by style, like above.
  • Use the Mark I mouth screen to show information like name song and duration/time remaining
  • Use the MarkII screen to show information like name song, duration/time remaining and thumbnail/video
  • playlist support
  • (with playlist support): Next/Previous song


I did notice I cannot speak to Mark 1 when playing, so I cannot say “Hey Mycroft, stop”


Unfortunately the Mark-1 does not support echo cancellation, so it will not work…

…unless you turn the Mark-1’s volume low and shout loud enough (preferably directly in front of the faceplate where the microphone is) - then it will work… :wink:


Heheh, in that case I would rather prefer to push its “stop” button :wink:

I will test the skill on my desktop computer, but I guess my cheap USB mic won’t support echo cancellation either…

EDITED: surprisingly, on my desktop works :stuck_out_tongue: