Custom wakewords R Us!


I’ve added a few words, short phrases, that rhyme in the not-wake-word collection. I can add more wakword samples as well.

What’s the procedure for submitting the samples? I took a look at the git repository but it wasn’t exactly clear what the procedure was for starting a new wakeword.


Clone the repo and then just make a new directory for it.


Thanks… I’ll get that started. I’m having other members of my team (and their wives) doing recordings of the wakeword. Once those are delivered I’ll add them to the repository too.

Thanks for the help. I wish I could do it myself, but the exceptions with the precise-convert and precise-listen blocked me from making much progress.


Is this still active? Looking to train “Kelsey” as my wake word. The current system doesn’t respond well to my wife and daughter.


yes, make the samples rain!


baconator, I’ve finally gathered all my samples, cloned the repository and added an emilia/en directory with all of my samples (~220 of them). How do I contribute those. Attempted a git push using my github credentials, but have no permissions. Do I fork the repository, push to it and do a pull request on your repository?


Fork, then push, you should then get a pull request button on github on your repo to submit.



Can you add a license file to your pr and it’ll get approved?